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18 Stoneleigh Way        P.O. Box 631

Elizabethtown, NY 12932


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Welcome to Stoneleigh Bed and Breakfast

We are a small bed and breakfast housed in a building that started as a private home, built around 1884. There are two halves to the house-the front half is for guests and the back half is for the family. After research, I have found that the house had been used for guests since 1915 when the original owners passed on, and their daughter began renting the whole house to visitors. It continued to run that way until some of the guests (that had rented for over 20 years), bought it and returned it to a private home.

   My mother, Rosemary Remington, with the help of William Ames, began the tradition again in 1987, when they opened the bed and breakfast that you see today.  It is her wonderful tastes that add the ambiance to all of the rooms and decor throughout the house.

I am hoping to continue the tradition of welcoming guests as long as I am able, and so, once again, I thank you for visiting this website and I hope to meet you when you stay here during the ongoing seasons.